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Multiple Percussion Series

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Product ID Skill Level Price Title Composer Description
MPS-8 Medium $7.50 Four Pieces for Four
Drums *** 
Armand Russell Four Drums. Four Timpani can be substituted.
MPS-1 Medium Difficult $7.50 GEBRAUCHSMUSIK FOR DANCE Jerome N. Margolis Finger cymbal, gong, small suspended cymbal, large suspended cymbal, chimes, bongos, timpani, piano, claves, temple blocks, floor tom-tom.
MPS-2 Medium - Medium Difficult $6.00 THE DISCORDANT PSYCHE
Brad Gregory 3 suspended cymbals, bongos, 2 tom-toms, snare drum, bass drum.
MPS-3 Medium Difficult $4.50 MESSAGE Ted Sajdyk 4 tom-toms, 2 cymbals.
MPS-4 Difficult $6.00 MULTI PERCUSSION SOLO Minni Ang Tabla, tam-tam, B.D., S.D., 3 cymbals, 2 tom-toms, Glckenspiel, Vibraphone.
MPS-6 Medium $3.75 SENSUS *** Raul Domenech Cymbal, bongos, conga.
MPS-5 Difficult $14.50 SUITE FOR VIBRASET Mark Haas Vibraphone, B.D., hi-hat, tom-toms, cymbals, woodblock, cowbell.

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