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Product ID Skill Level Price Title Composer Description
TB-1 Difficult $7.50 DIVERSIFIED DRUMMING Harry Marvin, Jr. A moderately difficult trap text that concentrates on developing coordination, hand and feet control and independence.
TB-2 Medium - Medium Difficult $8.00 15 MALLET DUETS Frank L. McCarty A text of moderate difficulty arranged for any combination of mallet instruments from Haydn's FLUTE CLOCK PIECES.
TB-3 Medium $7.50 DRUM ARRANGEMENT DUETS Bob Tilles A unique drum text that contains preparatory duet trap studies with the goal of preparing the student for reading "drum parts". Fills, solos and tempo changes are clearly exemplified in both solo and duet exercises, thereby enabling the teacher to illustrate with the student in a musical context. Special duet arrangements with varying metric changes are written in one specific section of the text which is devoted to the typical rhythmic "drum figures" found in the drumming idiom.
TB-4 Medium - Medium Difficult $8.00 MULTIPLE MALLET STUDIES FOR MARIMBA Ramon E. Meyer An anthology of brief selections from various composers. The works in this text extend from the mid-16th century to present. This unusual compilation of selections and adaptions for the marimba offers the instrumentalist an excellent source of both interesting and challenging material.
TB-5 Easy - Medium $7.50 SNARE DRUM DUETS Donald K. Gilbert A method that provides ensemble experience for the beginning through intermediate snare drum student in the form of duets. Arranged in progressing difficulty, each duets provides something new for the student, including varied meters.
TB-6 Easy - Medium $7.50 BACH FOR MALLET PERCUSSION Harrison Powley An anthology of J. S. Bachs works from the NOTEBOOK OF ANNA MAGALENA BACH and the FRENCH SUITES.
TB-7 Medium - Difficult $7.50 ROTO-TOM SOLOS Harry Marvin, Jr. A collection of solos for 2, 3, and 4 roto-toms. Ideally suited as a supplemental teaching aid, solo performances or simply pure musical enjoyment.
TB-8 Medium - Difficult $9.00 TECHNICAL DEVELOPMENT FOR THE MODERN PERCUSSIONIST Domenico E. Zarro A moderately difficult series of exercises written to develop and maintain skill on the snare drum, timpani, mallets, tambourine and triangle.
TB-9 Easy - Easy Medium $10.95 READING AND TECHNICAL DEVELOPMENT FOR THE ELEMENTARY S. D. STUDENT Domenico E. Zarro A series of exercises for the elementary snare drum student that focus on reading and technical development.
TB-10 Easy $9.50 READING AND RHYTHMIC DEVELOPMENT FOR THE BEGINNING MUSIC STUDENT Domenico E. Zarro Exercises for the beginning music student that focus on rhythmic development.
TB-11 Medium $9.00 J.S. BACH 16 TWO PART INVENTIONS FOR 2 MARIMBAS arr. by Harry Marvin, Jr. An excellent pedagogical method that introduces the mallet player to many of the Baroque playing techniques. Inventions may be used with other mallet instruments.
TB-12 $4.95 MANUSCRIPT PAPER-SINGLE STAVES Ideal for notating non-pitched percussion. 48 easily rip out pages. 8 staves per page.
TB-13 Medium - Difficult $11.95 GIDEON'S DRUM BOOK Darroll Vasek Multi-pattern based exercises for the snare drum and drumset.
TB-15 Medium - Difficult $15.95
(With CD)
NOT JUST ANOTHER SNARE SOLO BOOK  Kirby Jacobsen 20 unaccompanied snare drum solos.
TB-16 Easy - Medium $19.95 NELSON'S GREAT BIG DRUM BOOK Tom Nelson Develops drumming skills for the beginner to intermediate student - including the drum set

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